About Us

MACHETE ENTERTAINMENT is a premier Atlanta based record label, talent booking and media management company.
 MACHETE ENTERTAINMENT operating as an independent music label has adopted the business philosophy for long term sustainable growth; it will be more successful for the label to sign only a few recording artists/bands and promote them equally rather than signing for roster quantity and hope one is a commercial success enough to float the rest of the roster. This approach is quite appealing to a few recording artists/bands, it provides an intimate and specialized focus from the label. The recording artists/bands recognize the fact that this label will be working hard to promote them and that they will not be lost in the shuffle.

MACHETE ENTERTAINMENT as a media management company provides recording artists/bands to expand their growth into new territories along with other businesses and record labels. Collaborating with this label allows for connections on a broad scale ranging from domestic to international partnerships.

Mayl Derose chairman & CEO, has created an environment where MACHETE ENTERTAINMENT tells a unique point of view of the ever-changing world of entertainment and offers a range variety of entertainment needs to its audience.

MACHETE ENTERTAINMENT represents a wide range of writers, composers, and performers. In addition to handling the sale of publication rights for its clients, we are partnered with some of the top booking agents in the U.S. and abroad for performance bookings in all music genres including, Hip Hop, Pop, R&B, Rock, EDM, Adult Contemporary and more. Our booking department arranges global arrangements tours in wide varieties of settings and venues for some of the most popular performers in the world.

We have turned our focus towards the international market booking scene, and as a result we have booked some top performers in mainland China, including Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Wuhan, and Hong Kong.